People’s Choice Contest Details for Teams

The attraction for the public to attend our Smokin’ Blues & BBQ Festival is the opportunity to sample the best BBQ in the State of Texas as produced by your team. The People’s Choice Contest is the vehicle we have established to make this possible for our guests. The Smokin’ Blues & BBQ Festival is a charity event for the Duncanville Lions Club and our spotlight charity is the Texas Lions Kids Camp in Kerrville. This is a camp for kids with “special needs” and provides a full summer-camp experience for those that would not get the chance due to their “needs”. This also gives the parents of these children a short break from the constant care these children require. The Texas Kids Camp is provided at no charge for the campers and their families. The Lions pay for everything for the entire week of camping for the kids. This is why we ask you and your team to strongly consider being part of this contest in support of the Texas Kids Camp. There is no extra charge for your team to be part of this contest and there will be prize money and trophies awarded to the teams that receive the most votes. This contest also increases the visibility of your team, KCBS, and the sport of competition BBQ.

We have structured the contest to be the most fair to all teams participating. The format is your team may prepare anything for the public to sample as long as there is some BBQ involved. You may choose to provide samples of your competition meats or any other special recipes of your choice. You are not restricted to providing just one meat or one dish, and you can be very creative with your samples. You only need to provide a “sample”, just a taste, not a 3-meat combo or a full plate of BBQ. You may prepare your entry during the event or before and does not have to be prepared on site, although the public is wanting to taste your BBQ. You may prepare as much or as little as you choose, but again the public would like to taste some of what you prepared for the competition.

We believe we have made the voting process as fair as possible by giving each person that purchases admission to the contest a single poker chip, just one, and after they have sampled from every team they will return and place their poker chip in the container for the sample they choose as their vote as the best. The contest will be conducted AFTER all the competition meats have been judged so the public will not be asking for samples until the official time of the contest. The contest is scheduled to be held between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Thank you for your consideration of being a participant in the People’s Choice Contest and supporting the Texas Lions Kids Camp as part of the 2019 Smokin’ Blues & BBQ Festival in Duncanville.